Exotic Lumber Black Friday Sale!


But more importantly, Happy Black Friday!

It’s that time of year again and Rocky is doing something different this year!!!! We will have two diffrent sale for Black Friday!!! We have a 10BDFT pack and and we have a 100bdft pack Mix and Match !!! The 10bdft pack will have free shipping and the 100 bdft pack will have free shipping to your nearest trucking terminal or business address. If you would like it ship to your home there will be a $45.00 shipping fee.

The items that are available for this special deal are the following: Bocote, Chechen, Goncalo Alves, Leopardwood, Tzalam. It you get the 100 bdft you are able to Mix and Match the items.

New Ebony Species

We have recently got a new shipment of Ebony in and are excited to announce a new Ebony species that we have here at West Penn! Royal Ebony, a type of Diospyrus Crassiflora, has all of the woodworking qualities of Gabon Ebony, but has an appearance similar to Macassar Ebony and Black and White Ebony. This species is mostly underrated due to the popular appeal of the “all black” Ebony, but the grain appearance of it is absolutely stunning that we have decided to see what our customer think of it! Our Featured Item this week is a 40% off sale on all of our Royal Ebony turning blanks, check them out for yourself!

New Guanacaste (Parota) Slabs!

We have had a huge 50% off sale on our Guanacaste (also known as Parota) for a little while now, and our stock has been selling fast! We have been getting low on our website stock, but we just pulled out a new batch of slabs from our kilns this morning! We will be planing them the rest of this week and getting ready to measure and picture them to put on our website for everyone to see. If you do not see a slab on the site currently that fits your project, contact us at 828-322-9663 and speak with a sale associate about the perfect slab for you!

Madre Cacao Flitches

We just received an awesome shipment of Madre Cacao flitches. Ranging from 6/4-4/4 thick, 8-20″ wide, and 3-6′ long, these flitches are great for making small to medium sized coffee tables, end tables, and even great for outdoor use! Check out our individually pictured pieces on the website or call us at 828-322-9663!

Guanacaste (Parota)

Guanacaste Enterolobium Cyclocarpum

This tree is found in Mexico and Central America and abundant int he Guanacaste province of Costa Rica (also their national tree). A beautiful tree that is easily grown from seed and is one of the larget, shadiest and longest lasting trees, able to reach heights of up to 40 meters with a trunk measuring more than 3.5 meters in diameter. The wood from this tree is reddish-brown, lightweight (density 0.34–0.6 g/cm³) and water-resistant; it is used to make items such as doors, windows, furniture, cabinets, and for shipbuilding.

Other common names: Elephant Ear Tree, Monkey Ear, Ear Pod Tree, Parota and Orejon (Spanish) and Conacaste (El Salvador).

New Arrivals!

Check out our New Arrivals page for some new species/products that we recently got in! Products include: Shedua turning Blanks, Movingui Lumber, Primavera Flitches, and African Mahogany Slabs!

Monkeypod Lumber and Slabs Available!

One of our newest species here at West Penn is the beautiful Monkeypod. With caramel colored heartwood, light colored sapwood, and a very unique swirled grain, these species is a new favorite. Monkeypod grows in several countries, primarily on islands in the ocean such as Costa Rica and Hawaii. This species comes from the same family as Guanacaste (Parota). Check out some of our individually pictured pieces on our website!monekypod slab

50% Off Sale on Guanacaste (Parota) Slabs!

For part of our Featured Item special, we have put our Guanacaste slabs, a species also known as Parota, on a 50% off sale. These slabs originate from Mexico and Central America and are absolutely beautiful. With a chocolate brown heartwood and light colored sapwood, this contrast makes for amazing live edge furniture! Pictured is a bar top in a local restaurant made from our Guanacaste slabs. This sale won’t last long so check out our website for individually pictured slabs or give us a call at 828-322-9663 and let us help you find a beautiful slab for your next project! guanacaste bar