Olivewood…did you know?

The Olive tree is a very small tree found growing in coastal Mediterranean regions, this tree is famous for the oil that can be produced from it!  It is a very high quality wood with a strong overall density.  It is rich in color and makes beautiful decorative pieces.  Olivewood has an odor that smells slightly sweet, but can be very noticable when turning or splitting wood.  The wood is very oily and dense making it very difficult to dry.  This would is known for it’s imperfections that can be frequently found along with bark pockets.  This types of imperfections is what gives this wood character and uniqueness to any project.  These are typically very small trees so large boards are not typically found.  If you have any further questions or would like more information about Olivewood feel free to contact us anytime.

More Bubinga Slabs!!

Well in the process of moving around some inventory we found 4 more HUGE Bubinga Slabs that we never posted!  They are just like the slabs from Rocky and Kim’s table they made.  These are HUGE and BEAUTIFUL slabs of wood.  We just listed them on our website today…and I don’t anticipate they will last long.  If anyone is interested in a 14′ slab call us today!

Australian Burl Blanks

We just received a shipment of Australian Burls that are actually cut for turning blanks!!  We hear it many times from the wood turning community that they would like burls but that they would prefer they be cut into turning blank material.  Well, Rocky heard these requests and decided to bring in several species that are in a variety of sizes.  We have Australian Yellow Box, Red Coolibah, Red River Gum, Iron Bark, Red Mallee, Brown Mallee, and Bimble Box.  We even have small, medium, and large clock slices in a variety of sizes as well.  We also decided to price these blanks per piece…often they are priced per kilogram or per pound, so this will make it even easier for our customers to shop!  What will we think of next!  Call or email us today for more information.