Pen Blanks make a great gift!

The holidays are upon us and everyone is scrambling for that perfect gift for that special someone.  We are here to help eliminate some of that stress!  We have a variety of gifts for any type of wood worker in any price range.  We can help you pick out a beautiful piece of wood from the smallest pen blank to the largest slab of wood!  We are always here to help…even if you don’t know anything about wood, we can help you find the perfect gift!  Pen Blanks make such a nice gift…they are inexpensive, small for packing purposes and very versatile.  We have just received a new shipment of pen blanks including Thuya, Kingwood, and Tulipwood.  We have many other species in stock as well.  If you need any assistance with your gift giving this season…Just Call us!!!  Happy Holidays from the crew at West Penn Hardwoods!

Black Friday Specials from West Penn Hardwoods!

Happy Black Friday Everyone!  Now that turkey day is over…it’s time to get too business.  We have some incredible buys that we were offering exclusively on Black Friday, but we decided to extend them thru Cyber Monday!!!  So take advantage of these limited time specials now.  We also just added several new Unique Slabs to our inventory.  We have several wide Olivewood flitches we just added that are just amazing!  Call us for more information today.

Watch Us On You Tube!

You can now tune in and watch us on You Tube!  You Tube is a great way for us to log all of our new videos of Rocky’s travels and new products.  We post a variety of videos and it’s very entertaining to watch Rocky describe his travels and new finds to us.  Follow us on You Tube and Facebook…sometimes we send special offers to just our followers! Click on the links below to start following!

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African Mahogany Flitches!

African Mahogany Slabs are Available for Sale!!  These are HUGE & WIDE slabs…and not mention beautiful!  After getting their “baths” in the kiln and now getting their “make-overs” in the machine shop…these slabs are ready for their debut!!  These are one of a kind….don’t miss this opportunity call us for details today!

How to Turn Green Wood

Some interesting little things we found to share with you-we have NOT tried these but if any of you have…let us know what works!
How to Turn Green Wood:
1. Rough Turn and put in brown paper bag for 6 months.
2. Microwave for 1 minute (will feel warm to touch), Cool down. 35-40 lines should be dry.
3. Boil wood for 1 hour per inch and let dry in paper bag for a few months.
4. Rough turn and put in plastic bag filled with denatured alcohol and let soak for 24 hours. Then place in paper bag to dry for 10 days.                                                              5. Put in a babies diaper…it draws out the moisture!                                                             If you have any other suggestions or feedback we would love to hear it..and Thanks to Lynn for all the fun information!

Quina Flitches!

These are so unique and gorgeous!  These Quina Slabs are just incredible…they would be perfect for small furniture projects. Quina or Argentine Sandalwood, is a wood that we never had thought about cutting into flitches but when we did we found out just how beautiful this wood really is!  It is a pinkish-red wood with an oily feel and incredible perfumed scent that lasts. Quina is beautifully figured. Finely textured,  and provides an excellent polish. Quina is extremely durable and is widely used in Argentina for a variety of purposes.  With only 8 slabs left in inventory and not sure when and if we will get more this is the time to purchase one if your looking for something very unique.  I think these slabs would make an excellent bar or counter top!