Bocote Turning Blank Combo Packs

Another week, another special! Last week we introduced our Ebony Turning Blank Combo Packs; these are great for customers wanting multiple pieces of one turning stock size. We are happy to say that the packs are a huge hit and we will be continuing with them! Not only are we keeping the Ebony packs on sale, we are also offering combo packs in Bocote Turning Stock as well!

Sizes for the Bocote Packs are as follows:

~1x1x12-15 pcs

~1.5×1.5×12-10 pcs

~1.5×1.5×18-5 pcs

~2x2x12-5 pcs

~2x2x18-5 pcs

~3x3x12-3 pcs

~4x4x2-5 pcs

Each combo pack is a 50% OFF deal compared to regular turning stock prices! This deal is great if you would like more than one piece of the product, AND shipping is FREE! Click on the species name above to be directed to the sale page (items are at the bottom of the page).

**Not all Ebony is completely black; we do not guarantee completely black pieces and there may be some silver/brown streaking in the pieces included. We will NOT accept color specifications for this combo pack; pieces will be sold AS-IS in regards to color.***

Please call 828-322-9663 for any questions or concerns!