Gabon Ebony Combo Packs

Happy weekend! We have just received a new shipment of Gabon Ebony from Africa into our warehouse, and this week we have put special combo packages on a 50% OFF SALE for select sizes of Gabon Ebony.

These combo’s include multiple quantities of one turning blank size; the sizes offered are as follows:

~1x1x12-15 pcs

~1.5×1.5×3-20 pcs

~1.5×1.5×6-10 pcs

~1.5×1.5×12-10 pcs

~2x2x6-10 pcs

~2x2x16-5 pcs

~2x2x18-5 pcs

~3x3x12-2 pcs

**Here are some example Gabon Ebony pieces we have to offer, these are not the exact pieces you will be receiving**

Each combo pack is a 50% OFF deal compared to regular turning stock prices! This deal is great if you would like more than one piece of the product, AND shipping is FREE! Click here to link to the sale page (items are at the bottom of the page).

**Not all Ebony is completely black; we do not guarantee completely black pieces and there may be some silver/brown streaking in the pieces included. We will NOT accept color specifications for this combo pack; pieces will be sold AS-IS in regards to color.***