NEW Olivewood Pricing!

Happy Monday! We have recently got in a new shipment of Olivewood turning blanks, and we have fortunately been able to lower our prices for our wonderful customers! Check out our website for the new sizes and prices available in our Olivewood turning blanks!

NEW Exotic Slabs!

NEW Katalox and Walnut slabs just out of the sander! Check out some of these beautiful options we have; contact us at 828-322-9663 with dimensions and let us help you find an amazing slab for your project!

African Blackwood Turning Blanks

For the past few weeks we have been creating some combo packs in some of our favorite species for our customers who are looking to buy one size but in multiple quantities. This can be great for woodworkers who enjoy making pens, duck calls, pool sticks and even pepper mills! This week, adding on to our Ebony and Bocote packs, we are creating more packs in our African Blackwood species!

Sizes for the African Blackwood Packs are as follows:

~1x1x12 -15 pcs

~1x1x10 -15 pcs

~1.5×1.5×3 – 20 pcs

~2x2x6 – 10 pcs

~1.5×1.5×18 – 5 pcs

~1.5×1.5×6 – 10 pcs

~3/4×3/4×6 – 60 pcs

Each combo pack is a 50% OFF deal compared to regular turning stock prices! This deal is great if you would like more than one piece of the product, AND shipping is FREE!

Please contact us at 828-322-9663 for any other questions or concerns!