New Shipment of African Species has arrived

We just received a shipment of African Species that are now available for sale.  We received African Blackwood, Mopani and Pink Ivory in various sizes of turnings and pen blanks. Our supplies are limited and these species often sell very quickly.  We have them listed on our website, but if you need any additional information please don’t hesitate to call us!

African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) heartwood is dark purple-brown with dark black streaks and the sapwood is creamy white The wood is very nice to work, but very hard.  This Material is top turney grade material.

Mopani (Colophospermum) heartwood is brown to reddish, the thin sapwood is yellow to light brown. The wood is very hard and heavy. It doesn’t split or slit easily, the oily content of the wood might explain this worthwhile characteristic. The tone is as rich and powerful as Blackwood, but is a little bit warmer.  Its high density, light sound and workability make it an attractive alternative to Blackwood, especially in very dry and humid countries where Blackwood has tendency to split.
Pink Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri) the grain is straight to irregular, while the texture is very fine. Pink Ivory sapwood is almost white, and the pink heartwood, after long exposure, tends to become orange-colored. Pink Ivory seasons very slowly and needs care to prevent checking.
These are all very beautiful top turning grade species.  We have a limited supply so please call us today if your interested or visit our website at