Finished Slabs




Most people don’t know what a slab looks like once they are finished.  When you look at a piece of wood you may not be able to see a grain or color pattern.  Once a slab is finished, it can totally shock you with how unique it is.  We have finished a few species to show our customers what slabs will look like when finished.  We hope that in the future we may be able to do this with more of our products and species!  I hope you enjoy the photos and remember, we have all of these available!


This is how amazing Guanacaste Slabs look finished!


African Mahogany just has an unreal finish!


Purpleheart Slab has a beautiful color effect.


Sapele has the most beautiful grain once finished.

African Mahogany Flitches!

African Mahogany Slabs are Available for Sale!!  These are HUGE & WIDE slabs…and not mention beautiful!  After getting their “baths” in the kiln and now getting their “make-overs” in the machine shop…these slabs are ready for their debut!!  These are one of a kind….don’t miss this opportunity call us for details today!