Exotic Turning Stock ~ In Demand!

Some of our most popular species sold is our Peruvian species.  We have had Bloodwood and Orange Agate in demand by the turning community for the last few months.  These are absolutely beautiful when turned!!  We need to share some of these species and ideas to our customer base.  We decided to offer two of these species on sale this week.  This will give our customer’s an opportunity to try these new species at such a great price that you won’t say no!  Once you see how these species turn and how beautiful they are, I am sure you will be back for more!  If your interested please visit our “Featured Item of the Week” section on the front page of our website.

 Bloodwood is a beautiful heavy wood, it is as red as blood and as smooth as silk. Bloodwood is also known as Satine Rouge, Conduru and Satinjout. This wood is very resistant to bugs and decay, and its resistant properties contribute to possible allergic response to the dust. A dust mask should always be used while working with this wood. Bloodwood has been used principally as an accent wood for fancy box making as well as for billiard cue butts, drum sticks, xylophones and organ pipes.

Orange Agate is a truly fine wood for ease of working, color stability, and wood stability.  There is no special care and it’s very easy to work with.   Can be orange to reddish in color and very beautiful for making bowls.
Orange Agate
Have a good weekend fellow bloggers!