Finished Slabs




Most people don’t know what a slab looks like once they are finished.  When you look at a piece of wood you may not be able to see a grain or color pattern.  Once a slab is finished, it can totally shock you with how unique it is.  We have finished a few species to show our customers what slabs will look like when finished.  We hope that in the future we may be able to do this with more of our products and species!  I hope you enjoy the photos and remember, we have all of these available!


This is how amazing Guanacaste Slabs look finished!


African Mahogany just has an unreal finish!


Purpleheart Slab has a beautiful color effect.


Sapele has the most beautiful grain once finished.

Exotic Hardwood Lumber ~ Domestic Hardwood Lumber

This week we decided to try something new….we have assembled pre-packaged board foot packs of lumber.  They will contain approximately 16-17 board feet each pack, and when purchased will offer a huge savings.  We are hoping that our customers who would like a small amount of lumber, but would like a great deal will take advantage of these special board foot packs.  We hope that we will see a demand for these smaller lumber amounts and that we will be able to offer this in a variety of species.  As always, call us with any comments or questions.

4/4 Curly Purpleheart – Board Foot Packs ~ Purpleheart is also know as Violetwood. This violet colored wood is an extremely dense hardwood that requires sharp tools and patience, but the results can be stunning. This oily wood holds an oil base finish very well. To fully protect the bright color apply a color stabilizer. It’s easy to mix and easy to apply and it will maintain the purple color.  You will get approximately 16-17 board feet of 4/4 Curly Purpleheart already bundled and ready to ship and you save money!!! This is a substantial savings to purchase this lumber in this board foot pack deal. Marked down from $16.50/bdft to just $11.00/bdft.

4/4 QS & Curly White Oak – Board Foot Packs ~ White Oak wood is beige to creamy tan. It has a finer texture than Red Oak. Quarter sawn lumber has dramatic medullar figured called fake/tiger oak. Heartwood is decay resistant and suitable for exterior uses. Good turning and steam bending qualities.   You will receive approximately 16-17 board feet of 4/4 Quartersawn & Curly White Oak that is already bundled, ready to ship and you save money!! This is a substantial savings to purchase lumber in this board foot pack deal.

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers!!!