Exotic Wood ~ Pen Blanks

Check out this item on our “Featured Item of the Week” page.  We are practically giving these away!  For just $75.00 you get 100 pieces of mixed species pen blanks.  You will receive Hormigo, Yucatan Rosewood and Granadillo.  Did I mention you will get free shipping too!  This is a great combo deal for anyone who makes lots of pens!

Hormigo (Platymiscium spp.) is in the Granadillo family. Hormigo can range in color from reddish brown complimented by dark brown/black streaks (Hormigo Negro) to a satiny reddish-orange, similar to that of Bloodwood (Hormigo Rojo).

Yucatan Rosewood (Dalbergia yucatensis) is a hard, light-reddish brown wood with darker-reddish brown grain. It looks like a cross between Honduras Rosewood and Cocobolo, but does not have the allergenic properties of either of them.

Granadillo (Platymiscium ulei) is also known as Coyote, Macacauba or Trebol. This is an extremely hard, satiny, reddish brown wood with charming light cream colored highlights and swirling grain.

This is a great combination of exotic species for anyone too try, and especially at this great price!  For more information please visit our website!