How to Turn a Bottle Stopper

How to Turn a Bottle Stopper

Bottle Stoppers are fun projects that are a great way to use smaller blocks and scraps of wood that are accumulating in your shop.   Making a bottle stopper is quick and easy and a great starter piece.

Start Making your Bottle Stoppers now by following the guidelines below:

Prior to the turning session cut your wood blanks into 1.5’’ squares by 2-3’’ long.  Depending on the kit manufacturer, a 2’’ long blank may limit designs a bit.  Make sure the blanks are square for drilling the hole and a good fit to the stopper bottoms.

Depending on the kit manufacturer or style of bottle stopper made, each mounting system for stopper blanks will vary a bit.  The drill bit has masking tape on it to mark the one-inch drilling depth required.

Use a jig to drill the stopper blanks holes 1’’ or per kit recommendations.  It’s recommended that the stopper blanks be drilled prior to the turning session.

Screw the bottle stopper onto the mandrel.  Bring the tail stock with a live center up to the blank for support.  Round the blank with your roughing gouge.

Turn the base of the blank down to the mandrel busing, establishing the base.   Once you have turned your stopper design, sand the stopper through 600 grit.

Back off the tail stock and turn away the nub that’s left and sand.  When done apply the finish of your choice.  Friction finish or sanding sealer followed with Tripoli and White diamond buffing wheels are good choices.  They are relatively easy and quick allowing completion during the turning session.

When screwing the turned bottle stopper tops onto the bottoms, use a few drops of CA glue or 5 minute epoxy in the hole to help set the threads.

Enjoy your completed project!

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Happy Easter!