Exotic Turning Wood ~ Burls

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For a limited time only all Canxan Negro Burls are 15% OFF.  This includes all burls, pen blanks, turning blanks and cants/billets in our Canxan Negro Category!  We have many turning blanks and billets available that will fit any woodworker’s needs.  If your interested in buying burls, this is the time…this sale is for ONE week only!  Please use coupon code: CANXBURL at checkout to receive discounts on Canxan Negro Burl items.

Canxan Negro Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, its rarity also adds expense.  It is very sought after.  Burl wood is very hard to work with hand tools or on a lathe because its grain is twisted and interlocked, causing it to chip and chatter unpredictably.  This “wild grain” makes burl wood extremely dense and resistant to splitting.

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